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Rome, 28 May 2020 – In the increasingly bloody dispute between North and South on the health passport in view of the ok, on June 3, ai displacements between regions – and especially of summer holidays – the Minister of Regional Affairs enters with a strained leg Francesco Boccia, who puts the government posts on hearing in the Chamber.

First point, the Health passport is unconstitutional: “Re-read article 120 of the Constitution: a Region cannot adopt measures that hinder the free movement of people “, underlines Boccia. And continues:” If you scientists they say there are no medical passports, there are no “.
In short, the regions cannot request tourists to show a health passport that certifies the health of the individual citizen, for the simple reason that in Italy the health passport does not exist, otherwise we would already have it all in our pockets together with the identity card.

No distinction between regions

So, continues the minister, “in the next few days with the last click that will bring the country back and forth there must also be that of the common sense. If all regions start again, they make no distinction between the citizens of each region, the distinction between citizens from one city to another is not foreseen, if we are healthy we move. It is different to foresee a phase of quarantine, but we are not in that condition. And even in that case, an agreement between the parties is needed. “Boccia, underlined that in any decision, the indications of the experts will weigh.

The differentiated impact of the virus

“It is clear that there has been a differentiated impact of the virus from both the point of view and health that economic. It is early to take stock and it makes sense to wait for scientific assessments, but what has happened to Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona, Lodi and Piacenza it is objectively a virulence not found in other Italian provinces “, Boccia points out.

Tuscany, from June 3 access to second homes

Solinas: neo-centralist litany

“From Minister Boccia we would not have expected the useless neocentralist litany that wants to reaffirm a domineering supremacy of the State over the Regions in the architecture of the Republic as defined by the new title V – attack the governor of Sardinia Christian Solinas – We would have expected from the minister, a few days from June 3, a proposal for a clear solution on the reopening between regions “.

“Free movement as instrumentally evoked by Minister Boccia is not discussed here – insists Solinas – but the need for a virtuous balance between constitutionally guaranteed values ​​and interests, starting from the protection of public health“For the Sardinian governor” it is nothing short of surprising that he speaks of the unconstitutionality of a proposal like the certificate of negativity to the virus who has derogated from constitutional norms and fundamental rights with emergency administrative acts “. Therefore, he clarifies,” I am not interested in sterile, ideological and instrumental controversies. If any minister is against, tell us what alternative he proposes to nothing, to guarantee public health. Certification of the state of virus negativity is an international trend line, from the Canary Islands to South Korea, even with an initiative of the wider world tourism organization such as the digital health passport “.

Musumeci: closing (for now) until 7 June

“A license to come to Sicily? You will only be asked to respect the security protocolbut you will have to be very careful. And his friend Sala, if he wants to come to Sicily, can do so with great pleasure: we will not ask him for any driving license, not even for the car “, says the Sicilian governor Nello Musumeci on the hypothesis of a health passport, for entering Sicily for who comes from the regions most at risk.
No immunity license – he explains – but a security protocol. “And the governor confirms at the moment the closure of the region until June 7.” It is a conflict between heart and reason – he continued – the heart would like all the hotels to be overcrowded and the bathing beaches crowded, to restore oxygen to our economy. But the reason would like that at the end of this summer new contagions should not be counted “.
And on security he insists: “We would like the general guidelines to be given by the state. Because interregional mobility cannot be a leopard spot.” For a date you will probably have to wait “until June 3 – continues the governor – however, until then, there is an ordinance that authorizes only mobility within the region, in force until June 7. We will probably decide in the next days after the State-Regions conference. If there is no increase in infections, we will be in a position to prepare inter-regional mobility “.

De Magistris: no borders but caution

“I am not the mayor who sets the boundaries and it is not racism, I just believe that we must be careful and protect a national balance. We must buffer those who move: it is the minimum that must be asked because with the free we could all be there find with the risk of a new increase in the infection and if we go back the restart will never happen again “, inserts the mayor of Naples, Luigi de Magistris. His position, he explains, “is not one of discrimination against Lombardy and Piedmont, but given the contagions, which are still strong in those areas, I think it is in everyone’s interest to have a little attention and swab all those who moving would be a guarantee for the citizen, his family and the community “.

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