Displacements, de Magistris says no to Lombardy and Piedmont


    <h2>The mayor of Naples asked for "caution" for the reopening of the northern regions most affected by the virus</h2>


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    <p>In view of the expiry of the <strong>3 June</strong>, the date of the possible resumption of travel between different regions, the mayor of Naples <strong>Luigi de Magistris</strong> he expressed a dry "no" to the movement of citizens from the areas most affected by the coronavirus epidemic to Campania. In particular, de Magistris spoke of Lombardy and Piedmont.

Movements from Lombardy and Piedmont: de Magistris’ position

“If I had to decide now, in my opinion, there are no conditions – declared de Magistris – to freely allow a move from Lombardy and from Piedmont towards other regions “.

“Unless – added de Magistris speaking in” Morning 9 “- the guarantee is guaranteed after acquiring the negative buffer that would be the optimal solution because even not allowing people to travel after a long time is a strong limitation “.

“As I understand it – added the mayor of Naples – the Regions are not yet able to carry out preventive swabs and therefore I would open immediately“.

His conclusion is that “it could already be done tomorrow but it is okay on June 3, for mobility for almost the whole country and especially for the Center-South and I would still take a little caution especially with regard to Lombardy but I also believe for Piedmont “.

Movida in Naples, the opinion of the mayor

The first citizen of Naples spoke, in connection with Tg Club on Teleclubitalia, also of the stop of the nightlife bars at 11pm: “This is proof that the flamethrower does not work, if it was effective it had to work both in phase 1 and in phase 2 – he explained -. We must empower people. We must say we resume our activities but we must be careful. I would avoid decisions that are unnecessarily punitive and tend to blame the citizen. ”

In reiterating his opposition to the early closure of bars, wineries and bars imposed by Governor Vincenzo De Luca, he announced that tomorrow “he will issue resolutions to allow the opening of” pre-Covid “times.

VIRGILIO NEWS | 27-05-2020 15:24

        <a href="https://notizie.virgilio.it/fase-2-movida-napoli-lungomare-immagini-video-1391754" title="Fase 2, movida a Napoli: lungomare preso d'assalto. Le immagini" data-md5="221b0f2ba394339ab3d017660cea7b34">
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