Displacements between regions since June 3, De Luca’s wrath: “Incomprehensible decision, new controls ready to protect Campania”


“You really don’t understand what the substantive reasons that can motivate a general opening measure and the non-limitation of mobility even for the provinces still heavily affected by the infection”. This was stated by the president of the Campania region, Vincenzo De Luca. “We will adopt, without hysterics and in a responsible way, together with the already existing safety protocols – he announces – rapid checks and tests with increased attention to prevent as far as possible, the emergence of new epidemic outbreaks in our region”.

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And again: «One has the feeling that for the umpteenth time decisions are being made not on the basis of simple and objective criteria but on the basis of various pressures and pressures. It could be decided simply, removing the names of the regions, that the territories in which in the last month there had been a level of daily infections greater than a predetermined number (200 – 250 – 300 …) were subject to limitations in mobility for another short period. If my region still had a high level of contagion today, I would not hesitate to ask, for a duty of national responsibility, a limitation of mobility for my fellow citizens. That said, we will evaluate the government’s decisions, if and when they are formalized, “announces De Luca.

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