Displacements between regions: hypothesis seven days and short quarantine


    <h2>Re-opening of regional postponed borders or a new measure of containment and control of contagion: these are the two lines of action under consideration</h2>


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    <p>Total reopening of the regions and free movements, but with new control measures, starting from June 3, or the postponement of a week for all. According to Corriere della Sera, these are the two alternatives that the government will propose to the regional presidents in the conference convened for May 30th. The executive would thus try to <strong>put an end to the controversy</strong> arisen for the possible closure limited only to Lombardy and Piedmont and to the proposals of the governors who demand an immunity license for access to the southern territories.

Displacements between Regions: they could shift by one week for everyone

The numbers of the northern regions had led to speculation different scenarios than what was announced in the last Dpcm, which provided for the restoration of travel between different regions without limitations.

With the new data of the weekly monitoring carried out by the Ministry of Health, with particular regard to factor Rt, i.e. the rate of contagiousness of the coronavirus, the Government will definitively decide how to act. The report takes into account 21 indicators, which include the number of swabs made, new patients, the cured, the deceased and the maintenance of health facilities.

The executive, reports Corriere della Sera, would have the idea of ​​proceeding together. If the numbers of Lombardy and Piedmont do not prove adequate for the reopening, they could postpone travel for a week for all regions. Some experts, such as Walter Ricciardi, have said that opposed to reopening from June 3rd for the partiality of the data collected so far.

Short quarantine: what is the new hypothesis being examined by the government?

“Restrictive measures with respect to decrees are not prohibited, but they must still be in line. Otherwise we will appeal the measures before the TAR“, Explained Francesco Boccia, underlining that new decisions will be made for everyone or for nobody. The minister has declared against immunity certificates proposed by some governors, primarily those of Sicily and Sardinia.

To reassure the governors and residents of the least affected regions, new containment measures would be under consideration in the event of a complete reopening. Among these the “quarantine short“, Four or five days in which it will be possible to demonstrate that you have not contracted the virus, by carrying out a test in the territory where you arrive.

From June 3 they should also reopen the borders, with arrivals from abroad without any surveillance measures. This, stresses the Corriere della Sera, could create a difference in treatment between Italians and foreigners, with the first forced to observe a period of isolation. For this reason the short quarantine could also be applied to those arriving from other states.

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