“Did Veneto have plans? They pulled them out”


Crisanti in Zaia: Veneto had plans? They pulled them out

“I think we should all have a little sense of decency”, if only “out of respect for all the suffering and the dead. I don’t want to speculate about the suffering and the dead”. Given the above, “if they say they had these plans, they would pull them out“. He addresses this invitation to the Veneto Region Andrea Crisanti, head of the Microbiology and Virology Laboratory of the Padua hospital, after the governor in an interview with ‘Il Fatto Quotidiano’ Luca Zaia the controversy exploded regarding the authorship of the regional strategy proved successful in the management of swabs for the diagnosis of Covid-19.

“Generally I don’t watch the interviews I give, I don’t read social media and I don’t even read articles about me. Imagine this”, replies Crisanti contacted by Adnkronos Salute in the hour that for many Italians it is the one in which they browse newspapers. For many, but not for the virologist of the University of Padua, that the passages in which he is written about him can be read on the phone. Replying thus: “There is a controversy over what the merits may be in all situations where there has been a great result. This is normal, it is in human nature to try in some way to gain credit. “However, “regarding this particular situation, I believe that” doing it “is not an ethically right thing”. No more quarrels, “respect for the sick and the dead” and “sense of decency”, invokes Crisanti.

“Rather than asking me, ask them for these plans,” says the scientist in reference to what Zaia returns to attribute to Francesca Russo, head of the Prevention Department of the Veneto Region, and Domenico Mantoan, general manager of the Health and Social Area. “Ask them. If the plans are registered, if they are authentic, ask them. Me I don’t want to stir controversy about the suffering and deaths that have occurred“, Crisanti reiterates.” I don’t want to speculate on the sufferings and deaths “of the coronavirus pandemic.” Enough, “asks the virologist.” I think the Italians have seen the unfolding of this epidemic before their eyes and have seen who has did what. They saw what I said and what I fought for from the start, “he claims.”If they want me to show all the documentation, I’ll do it, although I’d rather not get to this point“Crisanti had declared in the past few days.” The papers are clear, “he observed, and” I think they will come out on their own, that they must bring them out, “he specifies today. As for the invitation to stop going on television, select more, the answer to Zaia is that “I have never taken 1 euro from any TV appearance. I have only participated in information programs and I never asked for any intervention “.

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