“Did I meet a positive?”: Online test calculates the odds


    <h2>The statistical model was developed by the Santagostino Medical Center</h2>


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    <p>While the numbers of the coronavirus emergency <strong>more and more content</strong>, the question many citizens ask is whether they have come into contact with an infected person. The Santagostino Medical Center in Milan <strong>he then made an online test available</strong> based on a statistical model developed by the medical and data analysis team.

The test result consists of a score representing the percentage probability to have met a coronavirus positive person.

To participate just go to the dedicated section of the Santagostino Medical Center website and answer questions.

The personal data, as well as those relating to personal behavior, any symptoms, contacts with infected individuals or tests performed will be recorded (for the purpose of scientific research in the medical and epidemiological field and for statistical purposes), but anonymously.

Among the questions in the test, in fact, some are dedicated to any symptoms (presence of fever or cough), swabs or serological tests done and behavior (attendance of public transport and crowded places).

VIRGILIO NEWS | 29-05-2020 20:19

        <a href="https://notizie.virgilio.it/fase-2-duomo-milano-riapre-turisti-1392904" title="Fase 2, il Duomo di Milano riapre anche ai turisti" data-md5="86d5702e96a7281e1f668eebddbd148a">
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    <figcaption>Phase 2, the Milan Cathedral also reopens to tourists</figcaption>                  

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