Did George Floyd resist the arrest? New video more cops the cops


George Floyd, the 46 year old African American violently blocked on the ground by the police of Minneapolis, leading him to shout “I can’t breathe” and subsequently died in the hospital, is causing huge protests in the United States of America.

The full video of the arrest is now filming on social media showing that Floyd did not oppose any resistance to the police but was always collaborative. The scene was shot not only by the video surveillance cameras on the street but also by some passersby.

The movie, however, also shows the agent’s cynicism Derek Chauvin, kneeling on his neck with one hand in his pocket and heedless of the requests for help from the man he was arresting. Chauvin was fired, as did his three colleagues present who took no action to avoid that torture.

It was learned, among other things, that Chauvin, in his 19 years of career, has collected many complaints of excessive use of force and a lawsuit relating to an accusation of violation of the federal constitutional rights of a prisoner. In 2006, his name also appeared among those of the policemen who, after entering a home in Minneapolis, opened fire on a man, despite having attempted to escape aboard his truck and no longer posed a threat.

However, in spite of this, Chauvin remained in service and two years later, after entering the house of Ira Latrell Toles, a 21 year old, engaged in a scuffle with her after which he shot her two shots in the abdomen.

And it does not end here because, in 2011, Chauvin ended up on temporary leave after he participated in another shooting. However, each of these cases did not lead to any definitive disciplinary measures.

Giovanni D’Agata, president of the Rights desk, in a note recalls that the Floyw affair could bring the movement back to the spotlight Black Lives Matter, born in 2013 after the murder of Trayvon Martin. The movement was at the center of the political debate during the Obama presidency, especially after the 2014 Ferguson riots. But in recent years, under the presidency di Donald Trump, his activists have found less and less space, although racism against blacks has not been overcome and police murders are still frequent.

Black Lives Matter still plays an important role where there is more need, that is at the local level, where he has tried to transform protests into political campaigns to improve the living conditions of black people.

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