Did Catalfo lie? The story of a seasonal one


Bonus 600 euros for seasonal workers: a few days ago the Minister of Labor, Nunzia Catalfo, announced of have found a solution to allow those who have been excluded for an incorrect contract (fixed-term work instead of seasonal) to perceive both the bonus 600 euros in March than in April.

However, the facts deny the Minister: the seasonal workers, in fact, have seen again rejected their application, remaining without any financial aid since the beginning of the pandemic. To tell us what’s going on is Vincenzo Sclafani, in charge of the administration of food and drinks during receptions, a sector in depth crisis due to the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19 as many marriages have been postponed until next season.

1) Good morning, in the meantime we thank you for choosing us to tell your story. Tell us what happened …

I thank you for giving me the opportunity to give voice to all my category, that of workers who put passion in their business, and who have never asked the State for anything, and now, that only for reasons of force majeure they have been blocked home for two months and need an intervention by the state to survive, everything is chained by the bureaucracy of codes and codicils.

In short, the DL Cura Italia included among the various measures that of a non-refundable bonus of 600 euros for the month of March, then extended by the DL Raise for the month of April and May for various categories, including the so-called “workers seasonal in the tourism sectors and spas ”, indicating to access the bonus a few stakes actually.

Too bad that after submitting the application for the March bonus on April 1st, we waited for days, weeks, even after seeing that between April 15th and 20th almost all the applicants had received the bonus, we waited silently, checking that damned INPS site every day.

But nothing moves; on May 15th, after 45 days, all the seasonal workers’ requests are rejected in bulk because INPS claims that we are not seasonal workers, but by re-checking the stakes that the DL put, we did not understand, since they perfectly met the requirements.

Chaos, panic, without work and without money, in late stage 2. Something is moving thanks to the tam tam on social networks and we discover that the problem was the contractual hiring code for each of us throughout Italy. Fixed-term contracts instead of seasonal in form, but seasonal in substance, and for many of us, for years now.

The Minister Catalfo with various posts reassures us that the questions would have been reviewed and paid, finally a hope if the Minister expresses himself. We wait, and yesterday after another 15 days of waiting the improbable happens: everyone in sync, and, presumably with a single click, the automatic reviews are closed with a new rejection of a date, think carefully October 10, 1010.

Pure madness that leaves us in despair again. By now the bonuses we await are those of March, April, and soon also that of May. For a total of almost 2000 euros per worker. And in the meantime the bills are piling up and it is also difficult to put something on the table.

2) How long have you been standing still and not receiving any salary?

My contract ended like every year on September 30th, I received Naspi from November to February.

3) Minister Catalfo also spoke of a 600 euro bonus for seasonal employees belonging to sectors other than tourism and spas, even if hired through administration agencies. Could you, like many others, still not fall into this category?

No, because we do not fall into these categories, we are seasonal tourism workers and the Ateco codes of the structures in which we work, together with our Unilav, confirm this condition.

We are neither belonging to other sectors nor hired through agencies, nor intermittent. Workers in these categories will have their bonus now by applying on the INPS website while previously they did not have it completely; the expansion of the audience is good, but it does not concern us. Also because it is precisely the circular in question that tells us, expressly quoting us, not to repeat the question.

4) Do you still have confidence that the situation can be unlocked? And if so, how?

There is no lack of trust in me personally, at best it has been reduced to a minimum, but I think I am responding on a personal level, I don’t feel like answering for my colleagues. Uncertainty and fear do not cause everyone the same reaction. The situation can be unlocked by comparing our Unilav and checking only the ateco code of the structure in which we worked.

5) Regarding the working situation in your sector of competence, how do you see the near future?

Not very well, in my specific case these are wedding reception facilities. Put to the test by the coronavirus and that has frightened many married couples leading them to postpone the wedding to better times.

On our sector in particular we have also noticed few arguments or almost nothing from the government. The wedding sector moves many billions of our national GDP and which unfortunately is not sharing with the other sectors, even taking the May bonus, it will be difficult for us to live in the following months.

6) If you had the Prime Minister here, what would you ask him?

Simply if you realize how, in Italy everything often freezes or is slowed down by bureaucracy and codes.

Well the simple procedure to ask for a bonus, bad the way in which the requirements are verified, putting everything inside a computer treating us not as people but as numbers, leaving us in perpetual anxiety and expectation and often causing situations on the verge of poverty, which in fortunately many of us were unknown. Thanks for letting us experience this feeling that we would have gladly avoided.

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