Di Piazza resigns as vice president


Tony Di Piazza leaves the post of vice-president of Palermo (he has maintained the role of director). The decision was formalized by the club in a note, underlining that these are “announced resignations and which lead to some misunderstandings, probably also consequent to the distance, with respect to the roles and duties within the company”.

“The new Palermo – reads the communication in the form of Dario Mirri, president of the SSD – was designed and organized according to a precise corporate structure, with well-defined rules, according to specific skills and also institutional respect. And it is precisely the protection of these roles and skills, moreover, which has allowed this year, thanks also to the precious work done by the CEO, to achieve prestigious results (including the preparation of the team and the technical staff in just two weeks, the first placed in the standings for the whole championship, a record number of subscribers, etc.) and, hopefully, of the set goals, for which the Company believes it must respectfully await to know the determinations that the football governing authorities will go – is to be considered shortly – to adopt. Palermo will always pursue the goals that their fans care about, basing every decision on fairness, respect and transparency nce. Each operational choice, in a logic of legitimate responsibility of the corporate roles, will therefore be aimed exclusively at achieving corporate and sporting results and this, obviously, already starting from the next season on which the CEO is already working hard “.

Mirri specifies that “the resignation, obviously, will have no operational repercussions on the Company, given that all the powers have been assigned and reserved from the outset to the managing director”.

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During today’s session, the board of directors of Palermo also approved the regulation on safety in the matter of health emergency and “further deepened every consideration on the sports center considered a priority for the best development of our society, the entire metropolitan area and the fans. The Council also had the opportunity to address the budget for the next two years “. The topic had been put on the agenda at the request of the director Tony Di Piazza himself. At the request of the president, “the budget was reconfirmed entirely and unanimously”.

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