Di Maio: ‘We work for EU reopenings on tourists on 6/15’ – Europe


“In times of crisis like this welfare needs to be strengthened and taxes are lowered: a major tax reform is needed to address the difficulties we face, “said the foreign minister, Luigi Di Maio, to the transmission Frontiere on Rai 1.

To help restart foreign tourism in Italy “it will be important that all Regions can give homogeneous indications to tourists. I will hear the President of the Regions in the next few days but I am sure that Minister Boccia will do an excellent job of coordination, because we need the Regions not to put different measures, otherwise the tourist does not know how to move from one region to another. “” We must save what we can save from the summer to help our entrepreneurs, “he concluded.

“The next law decree will have to simplify the procurement code to allow companies to know, when you have a problem, what the reference law is “instead of chasing paragraphs and laws” of many and many years ago“” If we don’t make it after a pandemic, in a time of great economic difficulty for the world, we will not be able to simplify the procurement code and to lower taxes we will never be able to do it again, “he added.

“We are working to ensure that we can all go back to Europe together on 15 June: June 15 for tourism is a bit of a European d-day, “explained Di Maio.” Germany aims to reopen on June 15, advising people to be able to go on holiday in other countries, with Austria we will work on it and we are working with other European countries, “he added.


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