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The municipality of Milan lands on WhatsApp with the number 020202. Thus the Milanese municipality launches the first information assistant in Europe.

The Milanese municipality lands on the messaging app (via Getty Images)

A completely unexpected union between Whatsapp and the municipality of Milan. In fact, the move of the Milanese municipality is revolutionary, so much so that it is the first in Europe to launch an information assistant on the messaging app. In fact, the 020202, the number to contact on WhatsApp to receive all information directly from the Milanese municipality.

So Milan will offer its citizens a automated service, with conversations managed by a Chat Bot. The service will also serve citizens to receive quick answers to frequently asked questions and will be active 7 days a week, 24 hours on 24.

WhatsApp, the service of the Municipality of Milan was born: how it works

WhatsApp Milan
How the information assistant works (Pixabay)

In order to contact the online service offered by the Municipality of Milan, just save the number 020202 in the address book. After that, you will need to open WhatsApp and look for the number of the municipality of Milan among the new contacts.

Once the contact is found, the number will be able to provide information on the developments of the coronavirus pandemic, information also on open business activities, availability of public services and permitted movements. In addition, the Municipality said that the number will be constantly updated with all the updates regarding the latest health directives derived from decrees, ordinances and circulars.

The new service of the the municipality of Milan, 020202, will be implemented in the version Business of WhatsApp, in the global communication platform of Infobip.As said, the number will always be updated and able to provide any type of information regarding the municipality of Milan.

A revolutionary service to say the least, given that Milan is the first municipality in Europe to implement an information service on WhatsApp.


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