Destiny 2, something dark coming up for Year 4? Disturbing teaser from Bungie!


As is well known, Bungie is planning with particular attention the launch of Destiny 2 Year 4, which should include content for which players “are not yet ready”.

However, no specific clue about this has come from the software house, which has recently returned to the topic to ensure that the first official information is in the pipeline. In the meantime, however, Guardians and Guardians may wish to devote their attention to a disturbing audio message appeared on social media accounts of Destiny 2.

As you can verify directly at the bottom of this news, the official Twitter account dedicated to the game has published a bizarre tweeting at least. The latter in fact contains a mysterious audio track, with obscure content: i sounds and noises which can be heard, however, do not seem to suggest anything reassuring. That a new threat is preparing to make its way between the planets of Destiny 2? Looking forward to learn more, you can listen to the teaser directly at the bottom of this news: what do you think it could be?

In closing, we take this opportunity to remind you that the first information on the expected Destiny 2 year 4 they should be shared with the community during a Bungie digital event currently scheduled for June 9th.

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