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SS5 may have a more traditional shape than the Xbox Series X but still be decidedly gross, according to a rumor that emerged from a rather popular Russian site at home, which in turn reports what was heard by an unidentified developer who also spoke of unique features and not yet revealed of the new console.

According to what emerged in this corridor entry, PS5 would have a design which does not resemble any of the projects that have emerged so far, including alleged leaks and all the various ideas proposed by more or less amateur designers. It would therefore be something somewhat new and characteristic.

In particular, according to reports from this mysterious developer who according to the Russian magazine GameMag is “developing a popular American game that will be available on PS5 in the future”, the new Sony console has a unique detail, which nobody has yet talked about because Sony is particularly keen to keep it secret.

Also according to the source, Sony would not have yet revealed all secrets of PS5, since there is at least one software feature to illustrate, something that “has been briefly mentioned in the western press but to which nobody has paid particular attention” so far, which however should have some importance.

From a design point of view, the PS5 does not resemble the Xbox Series X but is closer to a traditional console: an enlarged, square, symmetrical box with rounded edges. At the same time, it also appears to be “very large”, almost the twice the size of a PS4 Pro.

Clearly, these are only corridor rumors that cannot be verified for the moment, so we await the presentation of PS5 set for June 4th to find out more, given that on this occasion the shape of the console will probably also finally be shown, placing end to all speculations and alleged designs. On this occasion the games will also be shown and some corridor voices also point to Final Fantasy 16 present at the event.

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