Denzel Washington defends African American homeless man from the police [VIDEO]


Those that are through the days are torrid days United States of America after the facts of Minneapolis. In fact, some day an African American man, George Floyd, was killed by a policeman who suffocated him by keeping him on the ground with his knee pressed to his neck. This fact, taken by a passer-by on the spot, has rekindled the fuse on the fire, never dormant, of the racial problems that have always been the cause of social crises in the States. Lots of leading exponents of American society, black and otherwise, have come out to ask for justice for the boy killed and to focus again on the racial problem. Among these there is Denzel Washington (read here the analysis of his best interpretations) who, a few hours ago, found himself defending a young African American homeless man stopped by the police of Los Angeles. The actor of John Q he drove the car to the place where the incident was taking place and intervened in such a way as not to degenerate the situation. The video that portrays the whole has obviously gone viral.

According to what was reported by the agent interviewed, the problem came from the fact that the young man was not equipped with a protective mask, which immediately suspected the police. Denzel Washington he attended the search of the young man and, after finding that he did not represent any danger with the agents, he gave him a mask that he had in his pocket as a reserve, avoiding any type of problem.

What do you think of the gesture of the protagonist of Training Day?

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