Demon’s Souls Remake at the PS5 game presentation event?


For more than a year, rumors have been circulating about one remaster or a remake of Demon’s Souls, action RPG by FromSoftware and Hidetaka Miyazaki who in 2009 inaugurated the successful and prolific vein of “soulslike.

The project was never officially announced, but it was repeatedly associated with the name of Bluepoint Games, a development studio specialized in this type of operation. For example, only in recent years have Texans brought the Uncharted trilogy, Gravity Rush and, above all, Shadow of the Colossus to life and exclusively on PlayStation 4.

Bluepoint has confirmed that it is working on the largest project ever for the studio: is it really the re-release of Demon’s Souls? We don’t know for sure, but some are convinced that the announcement could take place at the presentation event of the PS5 games, set at 22:00 on Thursday 4 June (Everyeye will follow him live on Twitch!). What is this hypothesis based on? Yesterday the always well informed Jason Schreier said that at the presentation event there will be both exclusive PlayStation and third-party games. When a user asked if Demon’s Souls remake, Schreier, would be included, instead of ignoring it, he reacted by adding a like. No words, just a little interaction, but it was enough to make fans go into fibrillation. The reporter could have just moved on, and instead …

His small gesture acquires even more importance in light of the fact that Schreier was one of the main proponents of the rumors about the return of Demon’s Souls. In February of last year he spoke on ResetEra by writing a simple “Yup” to a user who asked if a Demon’s Souls remastered was in development.

There are several clues therefore, even if we remain in the field of speculation. Meanwhile, just yesterday, the Bluepoint guys said they were enthusiastic about PS5, and they can’t wait to leave behind the limitations of the current generation of consoles.

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