Definitive Edition contains the entire map of Berlin –


It looks like that Mafia 3: Definitive Edition contains the whole inside map of Berlin. This is not something particularly detailed, only the polygons that shape the buildings and some textures, but the German capital is completely present in the game and apparently even explorable.

With the release of Mafia III: Definitive Edition, or the edition of the game containing all the DLC, published on Xbox One, PC and PS4, many have returned to play the adventure of Lincoln Clay. On PC, this means that some users have joined explore the game code, looking for some interesting information. As in this case.

In fact, youtuber Sliderv2 has discovered that inside Mafia 3, a game set exclusively in the USA, a New Orleans more precisely, the entire map of Berlin is contained. Not only. He managed to start the map and film the protagonist Lincoln Clay as he wanders the streets of the German capital. In the video the creator did not want to share how to access this map, but only showed his discovery.

What is Berlin doing in the game? Some think they are the “remains” of Rhapsody, a 2018 game that Hangar 13 was said to be working on.It would be an espionage game set in the 1980s starring a Jewish-born Russian who seeks revenge for the death of his parents.

The game has never seen the light, but its structure it may have remained in the Mafia 3 files. Would you have liked to play such an experience?

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