Defender 110 transformed into an electric vehicle by Tazzari


Tazzari took a Defender 110 and turned it into a zero emission electric vehicle. The technical details are not many but the manufacturer says that the powertrain is capable of delivering over 200 kW on the bench. The brand then specified that it had decided to keep the original Defender gearbox with relative four-wheel drive and possibility of using the reduced. To do this, it was necessary to reduce the maximum torque and modulate the delivery according to the original gearbox. A technical choice that has the advantage of facilitating the possible approval of the vehicle. The batteries are lithium and depending on the capacity they can offer from 100 to 500 km of autonomy.

The project was born from Tazzari’s desire to bring his electrification technologies together in a giant 9-seater vehicle, notoriously imposing and not light. The brand does not exclude, however, the possibility that there may be commercial developments for this Defender electrification kit or for others dedicated to further models.

As for the off-road vehicle, the shared images are noticeable blue leather interior and a screen that could perform the functions of a small infotaiment (the photo shows the management of the radio). The vehicle it is still a prototype as can be read from the writing on the bodywork.

However, it is not the first time that the brand has pursued similar initiatives. In the past, secret designs have been developed for other manufacturers including a high-performance 7-seater SUV for a Chinese company. Tazzari, he remembers, is a company specialized in the development and construction of electric vehicles. Among its models, the Zero 4 Opensky shown to the public for the first time in late 2019.

Note: article updated on May 29 with official info.

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