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Merlin, the new Serie A ball

Below are the main updates of Thursday 28 May, on the situation of Covid-19 in Italy and abroad, relating to the world of sport.

18:45 The summit between Spadafora and the top of football has started. Compared to the schedule there are 15 ‘of delay

17:59 The OK of the Scientific Technical Committee for the resumption of Serie A arrives, read the full article here

16:33 Gravina: “Some presidents don’t want to play in order not to pay wages,” read the full article here

16:08 In the Premier League it was decided to start again on Wednesday 17 June, with the recoveries of the 28th day Aston Villa-Sheffield United and Manchester City-Arsenal, reveals the ‘Telegraph ”

15:03 “The risk is that a positive will arise in the various teams. Quarantine? It only takes seven days. Because 14 days are many, there will hardly be any chance of recovery “, says Enrico Castellacci, former head of the medical staff in the national team and today president of Lamica (Free association of Italian football doctors) at Radio Punto Nuovo

13.12 – New Covid-19 cases in the Premier League: two Fulham players tested positive for the virus in the last test session.

12.00 – Sports events in Italy are forbidden until June 14 and if the League could not get the go-ahead from the Government to restart on the 13th with the recoveries of the twenty-fifth day (in which the Bull must play against Parma), the hypothetical date would be June 16: this is the hypothesis that has been making headway in the last few hours. The answers will come at the end of the summit to be held in the afternoon between the Football Federation and the Government.

10.57 – In Spain it will not be played before 19.30: La Liga will restart on 11 June after the forced stop due to the coronavirus and to protect the health of the players it will always be played after 19.30. The only exceptions will be allowed if temperatures below 30 degrees are recorded five days before the match.

10.00 – “The first control test carried out on the team-team member whose last examination had shown a doubtful result gave a negative result”. Bologna has communicated it on its official website.

9.30 – The fundamental summit between the Government and the Football Federation is expected in the afternoon to define the ways and times for the resumption of the championship.

Welcome back friends of Bull News: in this article you will find all the updates, minute by minute, and all the statements on the possible resumption of football (and other sports) in Italy and beyond. The sport has been stopped throughout Europe, with several championships of different disciplines that have been interrupted until a later date. Euro 2020 and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics have also been postponed.

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