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                      <p>Death of fish in the Tiber in Rome. The first alarm went off on Saturday 30 May in the late afternoon when some dead fish were seen on the banks of the river under Ponte Vittorio. Similar situation also in the stretch between POnte Milvio and Ponte Marconi and near the Ponte della Musica. The municipal police have already activated checks and controls on any spills of harmful liquids or chemicals but to date no anomalies have been found. Asl Rm1 will also be interested in the strange death of fish, which will carry out an inspection and the collection of some water samples that will be analyzed tomorrow.
Die of fish in the Tiber VIDEO

Oipa: ‘Match report, check causes’– “Hundreds of dead fish float on the Tiber in the stretch between Castel Sant’Angelo and Ponte Milvio. The alarm came from a zoophilic guard of the Oipa in Rome who photographed them and immediately warned a local police patrol. Today she left the complaint of the association, which sent the urgent report to ARPA Lazio, to Roma Capitale, to Mayor Virginia Raggi, to the Municipal Police Command and to ASL Roma 1 asking that controls be activated immediately in order to establish the causes of death also to protect public health “. So in a note the International Organization for Animal Protection. “We have seen episodes of this type in the past, and we ask once again that this serious episode affecting the biodiversity of the capital be shed light,” comments Rita Corboli, Roman delegate of OIPA Italia. “Today on the cycle path that runs along the Tiber people were stunned: hundreds of fish of different species died from causes that we ask to be immediately ascertained with adequate sampling of the water and in-depth analysis”, he concludes.

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