Dear Azzolina, beautiful 24 pages on returning to school. But practically?


Arms drop when reading the technical document produced by the Scientific Technical Committee on the school. Half of the text informs us of statistical and numerical data that we already knew. The other half is an articulated invitation to wash your hands and keep your distance. There is no future breath on what school will be after this long claustrophobia. We hoped for more from scholars, doctors and scholars, but there was nothing to do.

The most recent school buildings are 21 thousand. By recent, we mean built from 1976 onwards, almost fifty years. 23,800 instead were raised between 1946 and 1975. Other 3,800 have been standing since 1920. We are sure that social distancing, redefinition of the number of classes, differentiation of the beginning of lessons, remodeling / hourly reductions, use outdoor spaces, two-meter spacing in the gym, and we stop here, is it all possible in such old schools, in many cases? Has anyone from the Scientific Technical Committee set foot there (with due precautions, never be) in the schools we are talking about? There was time, not only for putting the cards together.

The boys have to stay at a distance of one meter: what do you do? Benches with double seats are used by placing one, but at that point the number of the class must be reduced by one third. And where the boys were tight already, what do you do? The sections multiply, do you start again with classes of fifteen, so, perhaps in high school, where had they started in 25 from next year, will they make the second gymnasium A and A1? And then, how will the CTS indication be respected when it says that “in the perspective of the reopening of teaching activities in the presence, the remote mode will be an integrative and non-substitute moment, otherwise applied and commensurate with the age groups of the students” . Hey, read carefully. A way to say everything and say nothing, because if it is integrative, it cannot be as prevalent as it is happening now. How we put it. But going back a step: to the principals who are currently forming the first classes, in middle and high school, someone has given directions from the ministry of Viale Trastevere? Because it can be said as a mantra to want to eliminate the chicken coop classes, but if a law is not made, school leaders must stick to what is there. How much do they divide in order to form classes? For 15, for 10, for 20 or for 25/28 as they have been forced to do for almost twenty years now?

When the school starts again, from September 1 (then it will be seen region by region), the teachers will have to deal with the recovery of the children with the debt and read the Pai (Individual learning plans) required by Minister Azzolina to multiply the paper bureaucracy of the school ( Bes, Dsa, etc, etc, etc …). And, at the same time, they will have to start, presumably, the school year for their classes. The how, how many at a distance, how many in attendance, how many classes? Boh. What is clear from the report is that everything must be cleaned and continuously cleaned: sanitization, clean hands, masks (which at this point some boy will keep it even at a distance). Dispenser, but no thermoscanner (having the temperature measured at the entrance not mandatory, as masks up to six years of age if you go to school are not mandatory).

As for compliance with the 626, are we okay? Does Cts know anything? Did they ask the ministry if all the schools are ok with the previous safety criteria and how many are still opening by way of derogation? How many renovations have been contracted, how many started, how many still at the project level? For all that futuristic has to do in future school, it is to be imagined that, with the government’s push, finally resolved to decide what is a priority or what is not (the school is attended by teachers and students by almost 8 and a half million people ), there is a swarm of activities, of construction sites, of ongoing comparisons, that from this moment on we do not talk about anything else and do nothing but what can give us a certainty in September. Do you see something around? If yes, tell us, give us a sign of hope.

Finally. There is talk (but here too we are still chatting about bars) of lessons reduced to forty minutes. Is this so? It will be like this? The professors have an 18-hour contract. Taking away a quarter of an hour at every hour (many make 55 minutes out of 60) would have another four hours available. Will they have other classes, therefore, an increase in class advice, parents’ reception and so on? Someone at the Ministry of Education is dealing with the effects of distance learning (because after the moment of how nice it is to stay at home there are physical and mental consequences to take into account, and this applies to all categories in smart working, of course ).

Will legislation also be needed here or will we make an eternal state of exception? Now there must be a document from the ministry’s task force. Something has already leaked and we are not far from what the CTS wrote. But trusting costs nothing.

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