Dead covid-19. Bardi sends the findings of the Commission of Inquiry to the judicial authority


President Bardi announces that the findings of the Internal Investigation Commission have been received, after his request to open an investigation into the story reported by the press, which occurred at the San Carlo hospital following Covid 19.

The results were sent to the judicial authority which, as is known, has opened an investigation and which will have to decide on any hypothesis of crime.

This was communicated by the press office of the regional government, which says nothing about the events investigated by the investigative commission.

The reference seems to be ad Antonio Nicastro, but the events also concern Donato Sabia and Palmiro Parisi, who died with the coronavirus after waiting for days for the swab.

We hope that the internal investigations have also covered the alleged preferential lanes in the administration of tampons.

Bardi also tell us who the commission of inquiry is made up of.

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