Dead coronavirus data, 1,390 is missing from the government table


In monitoring by the Ministry of Health on the coronavirus epidemic 1,390 fewer deaths were counted than the real ones. A sensational omission also because to find out, just compare the tables attached to the weekly report with those issued by the Civil Protection on the basis of data provided by the Ministry of Health itself.

The 21 points

For two weeks, the ministry has been issuing monitoring every Friday which, based on 21 points processed by two algorithms, has been photographing the progress of the virus. The data are transmitted by the Regions and then assembled by the ministerial technicians. In these days there have been numerous criticisms and controversies on the collection of numbers by the Regions, also believing that in some cases there may be omissions with respect to some points. In particular each Region must communicate the maintenance of the health facilities, the number of swabs carried out, the number of patients and asymptomatic positives, the number of intensive care places. On the basis of these parameters, a risk assessment is assigned and this judgment will serve to decide new openings, any closures or red areas, but also to establish how to allow movement from one Region to another.

Omissions on the dead

In the monitoring table relating to deaths and updated to 21 May the number of deaths (divided by age): 31,096.
In the table issued by the civil protection relating to 21 May the number of deaths: 32,486. How is such a difference possible? Are there Regions that have communicated fewer numbers? Which offices transmit the data? And who elaborates them? All these questions must be answered as soon as possible because it is clear that this circumstance could be sufficient and demonstrate the unreliability of monitoring. The consequences could be very serious given that precisely on this the government has decided to base its next choices.

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