Dead Beppe Barletti, Rai historical face of 90th minute


Another mourning in the world of sports journalism. Another historical face of the 90th minute that goes away. The Piedmontese journalist Beppe Barletti died at the age of 92, who in the golden years of the broadcast conducted by Paolo Valenti followed the events of Juventus and Turin. With a note on its website, the Torino Football Club expresses deep condolences for the disappearance of Beppe Barletti, historical Rai journalist and passionate witness of Turin football. Barletti was above all a sports journalist, but not only. Celebrate his connections from Turin, where with typical Savoy aplomb he told the story of Juventus and Turin. In Rai, where he had landed following a long apprenticeship, he also dealt with motoring, athletics and basketball, but was also the author of reports from abroad or of news and political reports. His interviews also included that of cardiac surgeon Chris Barnard. A former journalist, in the best sense of the expression, until recently he was a permanent presence at Sporting, the Turin press club.

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