De Rossi, the banner of the South under the house: “Rome pays you homage”


ROME – La Curve South pays tribute to Daniele De Rossi. Yesterday the first anniversary was celebrated since his last game played with the shirt of Rome, May 26, 2019. Many demonstrations of affection for the former number 16, on social media but above all for Street. Last night, in fact, the fans of the Curva Sud displayed a banner under De Rossi’s house, a stone’s throw from Castel Sant’Angelo. “For whom you ran, for whom you fought, for whom you died. Rome pays you homage! “.

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A real quote recovery from the famous speech in the locker room of de Rossi to his teammates, before his last match against Parma. “Who did I run for? Who did I fight for? Who did I die for? “he asked de Rossi screaming a lustily surrounded come on companions. “Rome!” the response of the whole locker room. Stepahn revealed the speech a few months ago El Shaarawy, who had pointed his phone towards the group and had recorded the last moments as captain of De Rossi.

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Here is De Rossi’s speech at his last game: “Let’s fight and die for Roma!”

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