De Magistris, free movida: “Open rooms open until 3.30 am”. Clash with De Luca


The announced ordinance ordered by the mayor Luigi de Magistris on has arrived nightlife and more. “The mayor has recently signed an order to implement and strengthen government measures adopted for the management of the epidemiological emergency from Covid-19 in the so-called phase 2” reads the City of Naples.Compared to the order issued this morning at 7 by the President of the Region Vincenzo De Luca, the hours for the premises change. And chaos is heralded, with different and conflicting provisions between the Municipality and the Region. The de Magistris provision says: “The owners and managers of commercial establishments, public establishments, other artisanal food production establishments and kiosks on a public area are ordered to respect – restoring the times in force until the first of March – throughout the city the following closing times: 2.30 on the following day, from Sunday to Wednesday; 3.30 on the following day, from Thursday to Saturday It will be possible to administer food and drinks at the tables, at the counter, or sell them for takeaway; the ban on the sale for the takeaway of products in glass and cans is confirmed from midnight. The sale for the takeaway of alcoholic beverages, of any alcoholic strength, will always be prohibited from 24 “.
In the same provision, “the reopening of some city spaces such as the Agnano racecourse, the former NATO area, the Real Bosco di Capodimonte, the park of the Villa Floridiana, ordering the opening of further places that will be identified later, will be ordered” provided that compliance with the provisions of current government measures to contain the spread of the virus is ensured. Until the new municipal regulation on public parks is approved, access with traditional bicycles will be allowed within municipal public parks, scooters and skates – strictly at moderate speed so as not to create dangerous occasions – on the main avenues and paved areas; the consumption of food and drinks will also be allowed, with the express prohibition to abandon waste outside of the appropriate containers (for violators a sanction of 100 euros) Still in compliance with government regulations, it is still envisaged that places distant from residential settlements, or in any case with low population density, the same times are also valid for the carrying out of entertainment and leisure initiatives proposed to the Municipality “.
The ordinance comes into effect on Monday 1st June and will remain in effect until 31st October 2020.And now what will happen on the movida theme? Does the ordinance passed by De Luca prevail which establishes a sort of “curfew” for the by night or that of the mayor who has always been oriented towards giving more possibilities to open the premises? The order of the Region is very restrictive, setting the bar closing time at one o’clock and prohibiting the sale of take-away alcohol starting at 10 pm. De Magistris, however, establishes the opening of the premises until 2.30 or 3.30, depending on the day, and prohibits the removal of alcohol only from midnight.

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