De Luca, vote in September? Irresponsible – Last Hour


(ANSA) – NAPLES, MAY 29 – “The government has had an election
an irresponsible attitude. The proposal of the Regions that
want to vote is for the last week of July, given that a
September we go back to school. “So Governor Vincenzo De
Luca. “The date of the elections is fixed by the Regions, but the
government ruled out voting before September. Meanwhile
they opened gyms, swimming pools, shopping malls, ridiculous
therefore prevent voting in late July. Who does not want to vote
are the opposition forces, Lega, Fi, Fdi and also the M5s, ce
the Interior Minister has communicated it regarding the
opposition. They are afraid of going to vote and want to lose
time. Irresponsible. They even propose September 27th
with ballots in mid-October, when we have the epidemic
flu and the probable return of the covid. To open the
schools will need enormous work for spacing. That yes
ago, it opens a week then closes again, and then more
stop in October? “.


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