De Luca: “Civic assistants? Mystic volunteers in habit with the inscription: ‘Repent’. Gualtieri does not answer me, we hope he has not expired”


Hard attack by the President of the Campania Region, Vincenzo De Luca, at the address of Conte Due government, during its usual weekly information on Facebook.
The first invective concerns the quota received by the Region in the allocation of the national health fund: “Campania is robbed of € 300 million annually. There are political forces that knowingly rob the Campania Region of this money. There is another theft done to our detriment by the Ministry of Economy which must return to Campania 240 million euros, as sanctioned by a judgment of the Court of Auditors. But they pretend they don’t hear us. I talked about it with the Prime Minister, I haven’t had any returns yet. Obviously I talked about it for a long time with the Minister of Economy, who is a friendly and polite person but who I hope will give unequivocal signs of existing. ”

And he sarcastically adds: “In the meantime I would not like to have expired and I would not like to read on some poster in the historic center of Rome that his soul has flown very high, leaving us in this valley of tears to fight for what the ministry has taken away from us. We will continue our battle, but it is good that our fellow citizens know this. And it is good that they also know Campania political forces and Campania political exponents are doing nothing for Campania“.

Then ironic about civic assistants: “However, we have an element of comfort. The government opens our hearts to hope and has not forgotten us. And indeed u decidedan extraordinary mystical operation: will employ 60 thousand volunteer assistants. We asked the question: what should they do? Can they pay a fine to those who do not wear the mandatory mask? No. Can those who do not keep the tables spaced out at restaurants fine? No. Can they control the nightlife a little? No. Can they regulate traffic a little? No. So we ask ourselves: what … what should they do? – go on – We have been told that they can do moral suasion. That is, they will do spiritual exercises. So, we’ll see 60 thousand people go around with the habit with the words: ‘Repent, it’s your fault’. And we will see them in the alleys, in the markets, among the fruit vendor stands. We also asked: will they be people with some specialization to do moral suasion? Will they be sociologists, psychologists, educators? No. Did they have professional training? No. They trained in the school of nothing and will be called to do nothing“.

And he said: “We can console ourselves: the government has decided to give life, after eight centuries, to the spiritual movement, the students of Ubertino da Casale and Jacopone da Todi who will go around our historical centers to bring the good news and to do moral suasion. I just hope they don’t come knocking on our doors at three in the afternoon when some of us have just fallen asleep to get half an hour of nap, to refresh the many tensions that come to us from Rome. I hope these volunteer spiritual assistants will not bother Civil Protection, which is doing an exceptional job. Sometimes it seems to have to be convinced that the only serious thing in the country is cabaret“.

De Luca raises a new severe criticism of the government about the date of the next regional elections: “The government has taken frankly irresponsible positions on this. I state that the date of the elections is fixed by the Regions and not by the national government. But the government with a national decree ruled out two months ago, at the height of the epidemic, that elections were held before September. In the meantime, however, in Italy we have opened everything, the shops, shopping centers, gyms, swimming pools. It becomes frankly ridiculous in these conditions to prevent voting from going here in two months, because the proposal of the Regions that must go to vote is to vote at the end of July. When the government – he explains – says at the same time that it wants to reopen schools in September and vote on September 20, is making fun of Italy. Who does not want to vote are the opposition forces, Lega, Fi, Fdi and also M5s. They are afraid to vote and want to waste time. They even propose September 27 with ballots in mid-October, when we will have the flu epidemic and the probable return of the covid. But how can you be so irresponsible? To date, no one has given us an answer from a serious country“.

Finally, De Luca announces the ban on the sale of alcohol after 10 pm and makes an invitation to young people: “Avoid buying spirits. They suck. If they sell vodka for 50 cents a glass, that vodka does not come from St. Petersburg, but is distilled in the sewage systems of our cities. The masks? They must always be worn. It’s hot. I also know it’s hot. And what should we do? Here in Campania the mask is mandatory. Do not lower the mask when you speak 50 cm away, because that is exactly the situation in which the mask must be kept raised. Otherwise, what are you going to do? ”

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