De Luca becomes Mario Bros: catch masks and run wild boar runner


By now the rise of Vincenzo De Luca appears unstoppable and his presence on the major media is constant. Punctually cited by political satire television programs, some of his speeches in some talkshow have already become cult, while in the newspapers the articles concerning him are wasted and his press conferences broadcast live on social networks are very popular, so much so as to record the same views as those of Donald Trump. And it is above all here, on the Net, that one can measure how much the popularity of the has grown President of the Campania Region in the last months. In fact, memes of all kinds are dedicated to him, parodies, imitations and even songs.READ ALSO «But De Luca does not want», the Neo-Melodic passage is very popular

All for his ability to manage the health emergency caused by the spread of coronavirus in the territory he administers, for which the last to compliment was his colleague, governor of Liguria, Giovanni Toti, with whom he confronted last Sunday in the transmission Half an hour more, broadcast on Rai 3 and conducted by Lucia Annunziata. An undisputed success, which however did not silence his detractors and political opponents, always ready to remind him of a certain way of doing politics, which earned him the nickname of Sheriff, an appellation that he has been carrying since he was mayor in the her Salerno.

But for now it is he who steals the show and his opponents can only sketch. The latest news in this sense still comes from the Net. This time Vincenzo De Luca ended up in a video game and plays the role of Mario Bros.. But while the little plumber, at least in his first adventure dated 1983, was hunting for turtles stuck in the pipes, the political exponent on the Naples waterfront must grab masks, jumping on huge pizzas, trying not to get run over by “wild boar” runners . And every jump you hear him exclaim “tampons” with his original voice, while when he loses and the game ends he gives one of his famous releases to the defeated player. A nice pastime created by Luigi Sannino for those who love arcade videogames of the 80s and with whom you can try by connecting to the address

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But it is not the first time that De Luca finds himself the protagonist of a vintage video game. In fact, a couple of months ago at The wrong direction, where we find him behind the wheel of one Fiat 500, equipped with a police siren, with the task of arranging peasant cyclists and dodging barriers. Also on this occasion, the actions are commented on by its original voice. There would also be a third of the game, whose existence, however, is documented only by a video published on the Facebook page Signing videographies. In this case the “Sheriff” finds himself in underground tunnels hunting for gold coins, trying to take out the various Di Maio, Salvini, Trump, the Queen Elizabeth and even Pope francesco. And once surfaced in the open air it’s up to the big monster: the Covid-19.

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