De Luca and the irony on the volunteer assistants: “Mystical operation, they will go around with the habit”


The intervention on social media by the governor of Campania | CorriereTv

The government has decided they will use 60,000 volunteer assistants, a mystical decision. ” This was stated by the governor of Campania Vincenzo De Luca, in his weekly meeting on social media. “Volunteers – continued De Luca – cannot apply a fine to those who do not have a mask, to those who do not keep the tables spaced, they cannot intervene on the nightlife. We are told that they do moral suasion, then spiritual exercises. We will see 60,000 people with the habit with “repent!” Written on them in the alleys. The government has given new life to the spiritual movement of Jacopone da Todi and Ubertino da Casale ยป.

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