Davigo: “The Italian mistake? Saying ‘wait for the sentences'”. Renzi: “It’s scary”


Matteo Renzi and in the background Piercamillo Davigo (ImagoE)
Matteo Renzi and in the background Piercamillo Davigo (ImagoE)
Rome, 29 May 2020 – A storm is blowing over the words of the togato member of the CSM Piercamillo Davigo uttered yesterday during the broadcast A clean sweep, conducted by Corrado Formigli. Referring to the Palamara case and the Perugia investigation, Davigo said: “The Italian mistake was to always say: ‘We await the sentences‘. If I invite my neighbor to dinner and I see him come out with my silverware in my pockets, I don’t have to wait for the sentence of the Court of Cassation so as not to invite him again. ”

Davigo’s words sparked the social and political reaction. “Judge Davigo says that the Italian mistake is ‘waiting for the sentences’. For the justicialists the media sentence is enough. Waiting for the sentences is not a mistake: it’s called civilization. And Davigo is scary“, it arose Renzi on Twitter.

“For Piercamillo Davigo the legal civilization enshrined in our Constitution is waste paper. What the magistrate said on TV last night, ‘The Italian mistake was to always say: Let’s wait for the sentences’, makes the veins of the wrists tremble“, the group leader Pd at Palazzo Madama Andrea is on the same line Marcucci.

“Davigo plays to confuse: the crime of crime is one thing, the presumption of innocence and another one. ‘Waiting for sentences’ before expressing a guilty judgment is not an error of the Italians but it is – unfortunately too little practiced – application of the constitutional principle of the presumption of innocence as per Art. 27 of the Constitution and, even earlier, the principle of respect for the judicial function “, thunders the President of More EuropeSimona Viola, who adds: “Denial of the principle of the presumption of innocence is the antechamber of ‘justice of the people’ or of ‘do-it-yourself justice’ and is, in hindsight, a denial of the role itself by the judiciary. Che Davigo you think so – like our Guardasigilli – we knew it, that he still sits at the CSM among the highest representatives of the entire judiciary, it is really disturbing “, concludes Viola.

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