David Sassoli, the name of the President of the European Parliament emerges as a possible replacement for Giuseppe Conte – Libero Quotidiano


The Italian political debate revolves around the figure of Giuseppe Conte. How many predictions can be made, he writes Dagospia, there is a tiny and deadly detail that can change everything: the virus. Nobody knows exactly what will happen this summer and even less in the fall, when the epidemic returns from COVID-19 it is practically safe, powered by colder temperatures and indoor life.

Who wants to weaken Conte, writes the website of Roberto D’Agostino, which has given itself a barrel of decrees, aims to replace a few boxes, three grillini ministers on this side, two piddini on the other. But more than this we cannot speak at the moment, given that a government crisis would explode the crisis in the 5 Stars. Even if the figure of David Sassoli as possible prime minister instead of Conte. The direct multi-weekly line of Mattarella with the former journalist, he supported the European line of Italy and created a good link between the two. Sassoli himself, in his role as president ofEuroparliament, has worked with foreign leaders to accredit himself as a potential post-Conte premier as he will serve someone known in Brussels.

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