Dates, Napoli-Inter anticipated to June 12. And for the ranking the algorithm appears: Champions places blocked?


Advance of one day and exchange in the order of the semifinals of Italian Cup: these are the possible novelties according to Corriere dello Sport as regards the resumption of competitive activity. News that closely concern Inter: the Nerazzurri giocherebebro in Naples Friday 12, 24 hours before Juve-Milan. An attempt to give breath to Conte’s team, though Marotta he remains quite irritated as reported by the Roman newspaper. Tomorrow the final choice on dates, not only of the Italian Cup but also of the championship. Some anticipations are beginning to leak: Juve-Lazio of the 34th, for example, should take place on Monday 20 July at 9:45 pm.

For Monday June 8then, a fundamental federal council will be convened: that will be the place where alternative plans will be made official in case of a new stop. And the club wall on the so-called continues to be high plan B, that is, the use of playoffs and playouts (to be decided if 4, 6 or 8 teams, but with the Champions seats probably assigned to the top four of the standings until the interruption). For the floor-C, the crystallization of the ranking, Gabriele Gravina spoke of “algorithm” in order to return a ranking that respects sporting merit as much as possible. Various factors to be taken into consideration: the number of races played (at home and away), the results in direct matches etc … “A coefficient should come out that projects the classification at the 38th day – explains the CORSPORT -. Yes, but also the Serie A wants to present itself on the board with its C-plan. It means that a summary will have to be made. And it is not certain that such an easy path will turn out. ”

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