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The Dacia Duster is enriched with a new bifuel, petrol and LPG engine. It is the 1.0 three-cylinder TCe 100 Eco-G of 100 horsepower, which combines driving brilliance and reduced running costs, typical of bifuel cars. List prices starting from € 14,150

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The Dacia Duster TCe 100 Eco-G is the new arrow in the arch of the Romanian SUV, a real bestseller on the Italian market after in 2019 it was awarded the title of best-selling foreign car in our country – undermining the Renault Clio – as well as that of LPG car most purchased by Italian motorists. The one-liter turbocharged engine replaces the 1.6-liter aspirated engine that has so far powered the bifuel version, giving the car greater brilliance and pleasantness without penalizing consumption and running costs. Indeed, Dacia declares greater autonomy to the advantage of the Tce 100 Eco-G: 487 kilometers with a full tank (33.6 liters for a cost of approximately 21.5 euros) against the 386 of the 1.6 aspirated. The list prices are also very interesting, starting from 14.150 in the Essential set-up.


With the introduction of the Tce 100 Eco-G on the LPG versions, the Duster range becomes 100% turbo, with a choice that ranges between petrol engines – the 100, 30 and 150 horsepower Tce, the last two equipped with a particulate filter – diesel, the 115 horsepower DCI, and the new LPG. The driving brilliance, Achilles heel of bifuel cars, often equipped with obsolete and underpowered engines, benefits from this. Compared to the old 1.6 Sce with 115 horses, the new 1.0 Tce has a few horses less (100 against 115) but gains 10 Nm of maximum torque for the benefit of the elasticity of travel. It also gains one hundred kilometers of autonomy by traveling on LPG: Dacia declares consumption in the order of 6.9 liters per 100 kilometers against the 8.7 of the previous naturally aspirated engine, which means an autonomy that has gone from 386 to 487 kilometers. The total capacity of the petrol and LPG tanks is therefore 83.6 liters (50 + 33.6), which with a full tank of fuel allows you to travel up to 1400 kilometers, 275 more than the old Sce 1.6 LPG.


The Tce 100 Eco-G engine brings the technologies developed by the Nissan-Renault alliance. Like the turbocharger with electrically operated wastegate valve, double variable hydraulic variable timing in the intake phase and specific steel coating of the cylinders (Bore Spray Coating). Particularly useful on an engine that has to work with LPG is the exhaust manifold partially integrated into the cylinder head, a solution that allows you to cool the exhaust gases through the engine cooling system. In this way, the temperature of the combustion chamber is raised, improving efficiency, and at the same time, the exhaust temperature is reduced, reducing emissions by about 20% compared to the Sce engine.


The LPG system that equips the Dacia Duster Tce 100 Eco-G is produced by the Italian company Landi Renzo, a specialist in the sector, and installed on the cars through an assembly line present directly at the factory. No extra time therefore, which for the customer means delivery without further delays, and a single interlocutor for the guarantee and maintenance of the vehicle directly in the dealerships and authorized workshops. The LPG tank is made of high-strength steel and mounted in the spare wheel compartment, without stealing useful space from the trunk which maintains the capacity of the other versions. A non-return valve, an 80% filling limiter, a flow limiter, a solenoid valve and a safety valve complete the specific equipment. This bifuel technology is guaranteed by Dacia for 3 years or 100,000 km (1st of the 2 expired terms) like all the other vehicles in the range.


The Duster represents for Dacia the flagship of a winning range. The idea behind the brand – Romanian and an integral part of the Renault group – is now known: to produce cars by sharing the experience and technology of the French manufacturer without however anything that is not strictly necessary. Via the frills, it remains necessary to travel comfortably and safely, at unbeatable prices that make even discounts superfluous. Duster has the advantage of having “democratized” the SUV segment, once the preserve of premium brands or in any case of models not within the reach of many. A strategy that has not only allowed Duster to climb the ranking of the best-selling foreign models in Italy by undermining the queen Clio, but to improve year by year: in 2019 it recorded a 44% increase in sales compared to 2018.
And to meet customers in a complicated moment like the present one, in Dacia they studied a loan that allows you to pay for the first six months a symbolic amount: 1 euro, which will be donated to the Civil Protection so strongly committed to fighting the epidemic of coronavirus. Because selling cars is also a commitment to society.


The range of the new Dacia Duster 100 Eco-G is divided into four versions. It starts from the one of Essential access, offered at 14,150 euros with Radio Dacia Plug & Play and fog lights. The Comfort equipment – proposed at 15,850 euros – offers 16-inch alloy wheels as standard, manual air conditioning, Media Nav Evolution (navigator, radio, Usb aux-in socket, bluetooth with steering wheel controls, compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay) and rear parking sensors. Going up to the Prestige set up, with 16,850 euros you can also get 17-inch alloy wheels, the Blind Spot Warning that monitors the blind spot, the automatic climate control system, the tinted rear windows and the parking rear view camera. At the top of the range is the special 15th Anniversary series – which celebrates Dacia’s fifteen years in the Italian market – which adds 17,550 euros to the Keyless Entry system, the multiview camera that monitors the surroundings of the car at 360 ° and the celebratory badges . For everyone, front-wheel drive and five-speed manual transmission.

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