Dacia Duster 1.0 turbo petrol and LPG: low consumption, great autonomy


The debut in the 2010, then an overwhelming success. In 10 years more than 206 thousand registrations. Dacia Duster reaches the best-selling foreign car target in Italy in 2019 (43 thousand units) and a great record: the GPL. No one like Dacia in the gas supply market, a source of pride for the brand and an obvious investment for the future.

Dacia introduces a new engine for Duster: 1.0 liter three cylinder turbo petrol from 100 Hp. The engine replaces the 1.6-liter Sce LPG (author of the great commercial success). Smaller, more efficient and brighter thanks to the turbo, the engine was specially developed by Renault to run on LPG.

Great autonomy

Three cylinders and 100 Hp, a “featherweight” technical sheet that up Duster (even if SUV) works very well: the engineers’ work was aimed at improving the elasticity and response of the engine from low revs. The peak torque is 170 Nm, an improved value compared to the previous one and which allows for more toned shots.

The driving dynamics are pleasant and convincing, even if the gearbox, a five-speed manual, is quite rough in engaging and downshifting. The agreement is also good, but don’t expect a direct connection between mechanics and motorists: Duster is not a sophisticated vehicle, but concrete, which will accompany the occupants with ease and serenity even during the most demanding journeys.

In support of long journeys, autonomy: the LPG tank remains from 33.6 liters (but can only be filled up to 80%) but thanks to the new and more efficient engine, the distance increases by 100 km compared to the previous model; also the petrol tank is always from 50 liters but the kilometers become 909 (more than 170 km).

The overall capacity is of 83.6 liters (petrol-LPG) and the autonomy declared by Dacia with both full is of 1,400 km. A remarkable value which, although to be confirmed with a precise test, should be quite truthful given the performance of the new architecture and the tested project.

The price list of the new Dacia Duster TCE 100 ECO-G starts from 14,150 euro in Essential set up; a more equipped version with optional elements such as the key less entry system, the multi view camera and the various driving aid systems entail an increase of several thousand Euros. The specimen we tested in the Prestige version is listed for 17,930 EUR.

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