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Let’s discover Air Force One, which in the collective imagination is known to be the aircraft that has hosted the various Presidents of the United States of America over the years

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Maybe not everyone knows that theAir Force One is a radio callsign, a simple code name used to identify any U.S. aircraft Air Force with the President of the United States on board. Here are some peculiarities concerning this extraordinary aircraft.

Today’s Air Force One refers to Boeing VC-25A. Since 1990 the presidential fleet has consisted of these two of these four-engined engines. The VC-25A it can fly for 12600 km, without the need to refuel, that is equal to one third of the distance needed to travel a third of the globe, so to speak.

In the event of an emergency, terrorist attack or danger to the safety of the President of the United States, he moves with the family and close collaborators on the plane which becomes a mobile office.

Although the aircraft is approved to carry 400 passengers, only the President, family and collaborators can go up. A curiosity is that President and vice president must travel separately. This is because, in the event of an accident, the nation would face a power vacuum due to the lack of the two most important politicians.

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Air Force One, the on-board equipment: a luxury mobile apartment

Air Force One
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Inside, Air Force One is really very luxurious. There are two large kitchens able to cook at least one hundred meals in less than an hour. A rich pantry with supplies that can feed hundreds of people, at least for two weeks.

There are six bathrooms in total and three dining rooms. The presidential cabin is equipped with a double bed, a personal bathroom with tub and shower, as well as one study and of two guest rooms of the President.

Over the years, Air Force One has been the scene of important political events. The fall of Nixon coincided in flight with the oath of the republican successor Gerald Ford. President Lyndon B. Johnson he swore an oath right on the aircraft.

To date, President Trump is the one who uses it least, as he often prefers to fly with his private jets.

Air Force One in mass culture

air force one
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The presidential plane is perhaps one of the American symbols best known. Great notoriety in the world is perhaps due to the fact that it has appeared in some films that have made the history of the cinema.

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In particular, the movie from 1997 “Air Force One”, with a heroic President of the United States Harrison Ford, who must face a group of Kazakh terrorists, who boarded the plane and intend to kill passengers in order to see their requests recognized.

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