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PasI know back about the single hospital of Cuneo, with the majority that in the Council again discusses where to make it: next to the Carle (as indicated by the technicians, from the master plan, from the presence of areas owned by the company) or on the plateau. And the mayor Federico Borgna who hypothesizes a hospital for acute care on one side and an outpatient facility on the other. That is, two seats. Tuesday evening in the town council via Zoom a document that questions the debate of the past two years presented by the majority, in which the Region is invited to include Cuneo in the planning of post-coronavirus health care (yesterday first day without victims in Piedmont) , was approved after two hours of bitter discussion. In addition to the criticisms of the minorities, the groups that support the mayor also creak: 5 councilors of three groups who support Borgna contested the proposal (explaining that the choice had already been made, namely Carle); in the end, however, the compact vote arrived. We have returned to discuss the location. The Municipality in 2018 had indicated the Region of the Carle a Confreria as optimal to the Region; now, after two years, everything has to be redone.

The majority councilor Maria Laura Risso (Center for Cuneo): “It is absurd to indicate the area of ​​the Holy Cross for the new single hospital, despite the problems highlighted even before the epidemic”. Then he recalled that all the technicians reiterated the lack of space on the plateau for a new structure. The colleague Silvano Enrici: “Disappointed by how the problem has not been addressed, we don’t go on waiting for the few who are always against it”. He spoke of the risk that the hub hospital, or the provincial reference, “will end up in Verduno. There are precise data on the lack of space in the city center; who does not agree on Carle, respond to those data “. Umberto Fino, of the same group, defended his proposal for a “vertical hospital”, a kind of skyscraper near the Santa Croce: “Perhaps Cuneo people want the hospital to remain on the plateau for various reasons, including commercial ones”.

Criticisms of the document, then approved, also by other majority directors: Ivano Oggero di Crescere together (“So we lose the status of hub”), Sara Tomatis and Gianfranco Demichelis of the Democratic Party. Tomatis: «Amazed that my group has signed up to this agenda. Carle’s choice was not in question; wasting time is equivalent to not choosing ». The leader of the Democratic Party Carmelo Noto: “No change of mind on the Carle area on our part, but the special commission gave the technicians the last word”.

Mayor Borgna concluded: «After Covid, health must be rethought. We will soon have a feasibility study with a health report: politics will choose where to build the single hospital. In the future, more space will be needed, higher than that of the two current head offices. We have a few weeks to decide by imagining a new reorganization, putting in a “non-chosen” place a structure that deals with post-acute, research and ambulatorthe”.

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