Csm reform, “reached an agreement in principle”. Double round and ballot for the election of the councilors


The path of reform of Superior Council of the Judiciary, now considered indispensable after the last wave of interceptions starring the prosecutor Luca Palamara, seems traced. According to rumors that come from the Ministry of Justice, “a majority agreement” was reached on new electoral system for the CSM which will see the introduction of double shift, providing for the ballot. The text is being finalized and it will be seen in the next few days whether the outcome of the majority summit in Via Arenula will land before the council of ministers as desired by the Guardasigilli, Alfonso Bonafede. According to what the Fattoquotidiano.it learns, each voter expresses two preferences of different gender. The first two will go to the ballot, the colleges will be twenty and will express an adviser.

After the fracture within the ANM with the resignation of the leaders, the minister said that “the earthquake” that is sweeping the judiciary “requires a timely response from the institutions”. Next week we will proceed with the confrontation with the oppositions and with the experts. The reform is appreciated by the (resigning) president of the ANM Luca Poniz on the stop to revolving doors between politics and the judiciary. “I really like that those who choose politics cannot then return to jurisdictional functions,” said interviewed by Sky. Among other positive aspects of the legislative project Poniz mentioned the reduction of semi-directorshipsi and the most penetrating control of the CSM over proxies. As for the electoral reform of the CSM “today it seems crucial but it is not exhaustive of the problems”. Statement arrived before the announcement of an agreement.

What is certain is that the path is not easy – given the relevance of the matter, which affects constitutional bodies – but a change from the past is now considered essential. The maneuvers to drive appointments, pressure and agreements, which emerged from the Perugia investigation, are condemned by all political forces. The aim is therefore to bring the text to the CDM next week, “considering that already before the coronavirus emergency we had found a broad understanding”, the minister said yesterday, stressing however the importance of a confrontation with the opposition. For appointments to heads of judicial offices, which are at the center of the scandal, there are plans to introduce “objective meritocratic criteria”. And then, a new electoral system “that escapes current logic”. And again: “the definitive blockade of revolving doors between politics and the judiciary: those who choose to enter politics must be aware that they will not be able to go back to being a magistrate“. It will be a strict rule that will apply to those who hold elective or government political positions, including at a territorial level, including the mayors of the Municipalities with more than 100 thousand inhabitants.

There is also a squeeze for magistrates who go on to hold management positions in ministries or other institutions and for former CSM councilors: to avoid that they can take advantage of these experiences, they will not be able to compete for a certain period of time for top positions. These are not “punitive rules” for the judiciary, quite the opposite: they are for the protection of the “overwhelming majority” of judges, “who does not deserve to be dragged, as is happening, into the squalid marshes of controversy”.

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