Csm, Minister Bonafede convenes a majority summit in the ministry for reform


After a three-month break due to the emergency coronavirus, the world of politics begins to regain confidence with the pre-pandemic rhythms. And with Phase 2 the summits on justice also return, which animated the internal debate within the executive both during the yellow-green government and in the last months of the Conte 2 government. Alfonso Bonafede he called for tomorrow, Tuesday 26 May, a majority summit in the ministry in via Arenula. The reform of the CSM is on the table.

The new interceptions fromPerugia investigation, L’Anm broken after the president’s resignation, Luca Poniz (Area), and the secretary, Giuliano Caputo (Unicost), and finally the Area note pointing the finger at Unicost’s lack of firmness, have sent the world of the Italian judiciary back into fibrillation. And the minister has returned to top his agenda for a reform of the CSM to weaken the great influence of the currents. Various schemes to reform the electoral law of Palace of the Marshals: it goes from draw of candidates, proposal always rejected by the Democratic Party, to a new scheme with very small constituencies and ballots.

“The real earthquake that is affecting the Italian judiciary after the so-called Palamara case requires a timely response from the institutions. This affects the credibility of the judiciary, which our rule of law cannot renounce – wrote Bonafede on Facebook yesterday -. In my speech to the Senate on Wednesday, among the projects to start from in the justice sector, I referred to the reform of the Superior Council of the Judiciary: now you can no longer wait. This week I will bring the reform project to the attention of the majority, on which, among other things, we had already found an excellent convergence just before the pandemic broke out. ” An announcement that immediately found the support of the Minister for Relations with Parliament Federico D’Incà, who wrote on twitter: “We cannot allow the credibility and authoritativeness of the judiciary to be undermined by facts such as those that emerged from the Palamara case. To dispel all the shadows and opacities it is urgent to intervene with the reform of the CSM as announced by Minister Alfonso Bonafede “.

“The wiretapping that emerged from the ongoing proceeding before the judiciary of Perugia reveals a tangle of maneuvers and often even bartering which allowed many to talk about a souq regarding the appointment of this or that magistrate to this or that executive position “, comments the magistrate Gian Carlo Caselli, former prosecutor of Turin and Palermo. “The effect of these interceptions is evident – he adds – a kind of tsunami on Anm, CSM and the judiciary in general. It is absolutely necessary and urgent that Anm and CSM make self-criticism in view of a self-reform of the system, offering every collaboration to the competent bodies, starting with the minister. All this also to avoid or to play in advance with respect to proposals that could not be of reform, but of revenge against the judiciary, by those who have not liked his independent activity too much. ”

“We must change. The electoral reform of the CSM is fine but it is not the necessary care at the moment. I believe in a more profound and radical reform: the careers of magistrates should be abolished“, Is the opinion of the former national anti-mafia prosecutor Franco Roberti, today European Parliamentarian of the Pd, the program Gli Inascoltabili on air on Nsl Radio and TV. “The rule provided for in article 107, third paragraph of the Constitution – continues Roberti – says that magistrates are distinguished from each other only by diversity of functions and this standard, together with the immovability, it is placed in defense of the sacred principle of the independence of magistrates. The career is not contemplated by the constitution precisely because it often constitutes a temptation to take sides and belong to this or that current to have a cursus honorun careerist. The directorships for magistrates should be only a parenthesis, which opens and then closes, and the magistrate goes back to being the ‘simple’ magistrate.

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