Croatia too closes the borders in our face


In the hope of restarting the economy through tourism, Croatia has reopened its borders – without restrictions – to citizens of 10 European Union countries. Among these, it stands out the absence of Italians (despite the reassurances of the past few days), which thus undergo the same treatment already received by Austria and Switzerland also by the former Yugoslav republic. The opening measure will only apply to certain countries: Austria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. These, according to Croatia, are judged with positive results in the containment of the coronavirus.


Croatia, with 4.2 million inhabitants, has had about 2 thousand cases of Covid-19 and a hundred deaths. When the country started easing the lockdown in early May, it opened borders for business travel or for those who owned a property or boat. From today the citizens of these countries they must not provide any justification for entry into Croatia.

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Austria and Switzerland

Austria and Switzerland too have excluded Italy for the moment by the group of countries to which they will reopen after the end of the lockdown in Europe. If for Vienna some Italian regions are “still an outbreak” of the coronavirus, for Switzerland the reopening of the southern borders, or those that include Piedmont and Lombardy, it is definitely premature. Travel will not be recommended, although Swiss citizens are not completely prevented. At this point, the reopening of the Swiss border could slip until 6 July, when freedom of movement in the Schengen area will be completely restored.

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