Cristiano Ronaldo, the outfit “from home” to play with children costs 2 thousand euros



Suitable for this occasion


With the new lightening of May 18 and the reopening of the activities, many of us have started to do a long forgotten action: dressing properly. Formal trousers, shirts, jackets and shoes have been relegated to the closets for weeks. The suit has become the favorite quarantine uniform, for both stars and normal people. If you are Cristiano Ronaldo But don’t even think about putting yourself casual at home and, above all, the garments must always be very signed.

If for an afternoon of games with the children the girlfriend of CR7, Georgina Rodriguez, chose leggings and tops by Alo Yoga, the Juventus player opted for shorts and a short-sleeved shirt by Dior. Wearing the elegant suit in shades of burgundy, Cristiano Ronaldo he let himself go to the tenderness with his children and, in the meantime, took advantage of it to give a touch to the shapely B side of his partner. The total cost of your dad outfit? 2,040 euros.

Unbridled passion for luxury

Moreover, with an estimated net worth of approximately 290 million euros, Cristiano Ronaldo he can afford to buy anything he wants. The Serie A player is one of the richest sportsmen in the world and has never hidden his passion for exclusive accessories. CR7 sports precious watches, such as the Franck Muller 7008 T INV C INV with 424 diamonds, worth 2 million euros and theOcto Finissimo Tourbillon Diamond Pavé of Bulgari from 700 thousand euros.

Miles of euro pajamas and museums with their own name

That the family prefers to travel by private jet is not new. Georgina Rodriguez she often took pictures on board the aircraft, then posting the shots on social media. To leave, of course, the model always wears expensive accessories while at home she goes to bed with a pajamas of Louis Vuitton from 2,700 euros. To stay on the subject of travel, from 2016 Madeira airport, the native island of Juventus, bears the name of Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport, dedicated to him following the victory of Portugal in the European football championship. In the city of Funchal, Ronaldo also has a biographical museum, the CR7 museum. Champion of undeniable skill and lover of luxury. Megalomania with merit.

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