Crew Dragon match! NASA, SpaceX and Elon Musk celebrate success!


The capsule Crew Dragon it is officially managed to leave from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida after the first postponement of the past few days. A launch that had been called into question by some adverse weather situations with the arrival of a hurricane. A success for NASA, SpaceX is Elon Musk that can make it fly again “the United States from US soil”.

As written above, after the postponement of the last few days due to bad weather, SpaceX Crew Dragon has finally taken off. The launch took place as planned from Cape Canaveral where in the past the rockets of the Apollo missions were launched. It was a fundamental launch not only for SpaceX but also for the NASA and for the Trump administration.

SpaceX Crew Dragon: here is the historic launch of the spacecraft

After a preparation lasting hours, with meticulously scheduled moments, the two astronauts, Robert Behnken is Douglas Hurley, boarded the American spacecraft bound for the ISS (International Space Station) where they will arrive on May 31, 2020. At around 9 minutes from the start, however, the first stage of the rocket demonstrating once again the possibility of reuse.


It was the distant on July 8, 2011 when it was launched Space Shuttle Endeavor, the last US-registered space flight from US soil. It was the twenty-fifth mission in space for the United States of America and now after 9 years since that launch thanks to a private individual, Elon Musk, the NASA come back with the mission Demo-2. Now the dependence on Russian space flights will be reduced allowing to avoid “political vetoes” and potentially save money. In the past they have been spent $ 4 billion for these “Passages”.

spacex crew dragon

In this case, the launch took place with a direct broadcast on the institutional channel for direct launches to the ISS, that of NASA on YouTube or Ustream. SpaceX, as owner and operator of the Crew Dragon capsule, has also published a direct on his YouTube channel. On Twitter, however, it was #LaunchAmerica the hashtag with which NASA invited users to follow the space mission and with which users were able to comment live the whole.
We remember that SpaceX Crew Dragon it will not immediately reach the ISS but will make some orbits that will allow correct positioning and to reach the same orbital speed. The docking it will take place automatically even if there will be a test at about 150 meters for manual maneuvers. At the end of the mission, astronauts will be able to return to Earth with a ditch in the Atlantic Ocean.
The launching of SpaceX Crew Dragon it is an important step for the present but above all for the future. Musk won’t stop there and will continue to work continuously on his Heavy and Starship Falcons. The next step is the Moon and Mars but the challenge is still in its infancy.

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