Crew Dragon, ‘go’ to the launch but the unknown unknown – Space & Astronomy


‘Go’: the latest go-ahead for the launch of the Space X Crew Dragon shuttle that will inaugurate a new era of space on May 27 will allow the first flight of astronauts from American soil after the Space Shuttle has left the scene of 2011.

President Trump and Vice Pence are also expected at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, Florida, to underline the historical significance of an event that marks the end of the Russian monopoly in the transport of astronauts into space and which opens to private individuals. The only unknown remains that of the weather: the forecasts, really ballerinas in the last hours, estimate a probability of 60% of favorable conditions.

However, everything will be decided a few minutes after launch, scheduled at 22:33 (Italian time). If clouds and rainfall prevail, the launch could be postponed to Saturday or Sunday. The Crew Dragon shuttle will depart with the American Falcon 9 rocket from the historic 39A launch complex, built for the Apollo missions and also used for the Space Shuttle.

After 19 hours of flight, the two American astronauts Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken will arrive on board the International Space Station (ISS), where they will join the three colleagues of Expedition 63 for a variable time that can range from one to four months. The exact duration of the mission will be decided by NASA and Space X based on the conditions of the shuttle and the progress of preparations for the next human mission, Crew-1, the first truly operational.


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