Cremona, the patient draws while removing the tumor in the operating room


“While I was working on him, and with my team we were removing his brain tumor, Oscar was awake and drawing.” He made many interventions Antonio Fioravanti, director ofNeurosurgery Unit of the Cremona Hospital. The one a few days ago, however, was special: intensive care, one of those that until a few weeks ago was full of Covid patients, is now empty. And a first step towards normality is that of surgical operations that start again.

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Like the one performed on Oscar, a patient in his early sixties who for two hours, while under the knife, painted in operating room. «During the preparatory talks – explains Fioravanti – I discovered Oscar’s passion: painting. There I realized that he was afraid of losing this fundamental artistic skill for him. We chose to operate it while awake making him paint during the operation to verify that the functions of language and movement remained intact. I saw our hands aligned and engaged simultaneously on different fronts. It is an image that I will not easily forget. The result is a beautiful landscape with a large tree that for theCremona Hospital it represents the symbol of rebirth ».

The removal of the brain tumor was successful, Oscar is satisfied. «I arrived in the department with my inseparable album and colors. Painting in those conditions was surreal – he says – but relaxing. It helped me to divert my thoughts from what was happening and to focus on nature. This is why I chose to draw a landscape with watercolor pastels: it made me feel good, and with my imagination, for a few minutes, I left the hospital. The drawing is not finished. I will complete it as soon as possible ». Then he will stay in the ward, as a sign of gratitude. The doctors will hang it in the operating room, in what was only a few days ago intensive care: one of the hot fronts of the emergency.

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