Creepy LeBron in the latest Nike commercial. From The Cage to ‘au revoire’ Cantona, the 10 most beautiful on football | First page


The voice of LeBron James, the faces of athletes who don’t seem to make it, like Rafa Nadal and Serena Williams who snort, Cristiano Ronaldo injured, Tiger Woods on your knees. And then, the ascent, the rebirth, the victory, with LeBron, in a tank top Cavaliers, what a stoppa Igoudala winning race 7, away, to the Oracle Arena, home of the Golden State Warriors, doing something unique, never happened before in history: overturning a 1-3 disadvantage in the Finals. Ah, to accompany the voice of the 23 of the Lakers the splendid Life on Mars? by David Bowie.

There Nike churns out another jewel spot, which is added to a collection of small masterpieces. Here flashes of football, with CR7 and his European champion Portugal, but it is precisely with football that the brand with the mustache gives its best, as well as the competitor Adidas. And that’s why today we are going to remember, with a few words and many images, the most beautiful spots on football. The Cage, Joga bonito, the airport with Brazil in ’98, The mission, José +10, the gladiators of Pepsi, the Last Game and, above all, Au Revoir. With Eric’s voice and gestures Cantona. Who turns 54 today. Always with the collar raised.

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