“Credibility is like virginity.” There are accusations of sexism – Libero Quotidiano


“The school needs credibility and authority. Credibility is like virginity, easy to lose, difficult to maintain but impossible to recover “. With these words addressed to Lucia Azzolina, Giuseppe Moles unleashed a ruckus during Question time in the Senate. He did not have time to finish talking that his metaphor was exploited by the deputies of the 5 Star Movement and by the usual press, a bit of a goodist and a little bigoted (see, Republic). “We can no longer believe his words – added the vice president of the senators of Forza Italia – too many contradictions in which the minister has fallen and which have generated confusion and the impossibility of guaranteeing students of the Italian state school in recent months didactic continuity is equal “.

obviously the accusation of sexism it arrived in record time by the 5 Stars, who raised their shields in defense of Azzolina, causing Moles himself to reply: operands of the M5S: raise fuss to hide your failures“. A little common sense would be enough to understand that behind the words of the Senator of Fi there is no sexist offense, but it is convenient for someone to believe the contrary in order to divert attention from the disasters combined by Azzolina, who has amply shown not to have the papers to carry out the role of minister competently.

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