“Credibility is like virginity.” The sexist phrases of the force-senator against the minister Azzolina


Since yesterday, the Minister of Education is under escort Lucia Azzolina. It is because it is targeted by an avalanche of insults, especially with a sexual background, as often happens in Italy. Not just in politics.


School: threats to Minister Azzolina, her escort too

Azzolina has been highly criticized, in recent weeks, for the delays in the reopening of schools, for the uncertainty about what will happen in September. In question time, in the Senate, he must explain his reasons. He says that “the government will accompany the return of our students to our schools, guaranteeing maximum safety and continuity of teaching”.



How to go back to school in September: from desks to canteens, here are the anti-contagion rules

He adds: “We are working in synergy with the Technical Scientific Committee of the Ministry of Health: the document with the health indications is at the final filings and will be made known in the next few hours”.

in reproduction ….

There would, perhaps – by the oppositions – arguments to reply on the merits. But no. The vice-president of the force-senators, Giuseppe Moles, finds it appropriate to make an intervention that focuses on the theme of “female virginity”. In the Parliament of the Republic, year 2020: “The school needs credibility and authoritativeness. Credibility is like virginity, if you lose you can’t buy it back”, says the blue parliamentarian.The first to protest was Senator 5Stelle Barbara Floridia: “The thing is, if possible, even more serious because expressed in front of a woman, a minister, who in these days has suffered attacks and insults of all kinds, resulting in real threats so much that she has been assigned the escort. It would be a good idea to apologize. Forza Italia never denies it, “he says.

Apologies not received, for now. Perhaps we can console ourselves with the image of three women who are deciding – in these hours – the future of the European Union: Christine Lagarde, Angela Merkel, Ursula von der Leyen. A photo that, seen from Rome, however, appears really very blurry.

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