Create me WOW 10 GB for only 4.99 euros per month


Until next June 3, 2020 the virtual operator Poste Mobile will make the named offer available to all new customers Create me WOW 10 GB for the price of only 4.99 euros per month.

For the moment, the marketing of the Creami WOW Weekend 30 GB offer has been closed, which provides the same conditions as the 10 GB, with 20 GB more per month. Here are the details.

PosteMobile relaunches the Creami WOW 10 GB

The Creami WOW 10 GB of memory that includes unlimited minutes to all national mobile and landline numbers, Unlimited SMS to all national numbers e 10 GB of internet traffic at the maximum available speed (50Mbps) for the price of 4.99 euros per month forever. It provides for the activation of the flat rate plan Create me NEXT 1 at 4.99 euros per month with unlimited credit to be used for calls and SMS to all national numbers, 5 Giga base and an additional 5 Giga bonus, paid within 24 hours of activating the SIM.

Starting from the second month, the disbursement will take place simultaneously with the renewal of the plan. It will therefore be possible to take advantage of a total of 10 Giga every month, which corresponds to 10240 credit. The offer includes the same mechanism as the previous Creami Wow Weekend 10GB at 4.99 euros per month with the difference that PosteMobile specifies in its official website and in its tariff transparency documents that Creami Wow 10GB allows you to surf the 4G + network with speeds up to 300 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload.

For navigation 4G + internet the customer must have a 4G smartphone and be in an area with 4G + coverage. The maximum connection speed in 4G + is 300 Mbps, in 4G it is 150 Mbps and in 3G it is 42 Mbps. To discover this or other offers proposed by the operator, you just have to visit the official PosteMobile website.

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