Covot-19 conspiracy theorist ends up in intensive care with his wife and repents: “Be careful what you read on the web”


He believed that the coronavirus was a hoax invented by the government to control us. Then he followed the conspiracies related to 5G as a possible cause of the COVID-19. For him, the pandemic was only a bluff or the result of some worldwide conspiracy. He has chosen not to follow the rules, not to give up on the indications on quarantine, on distancing, on the use of the mask and on any precaution necessary to avoid contagion. Then he tested positive and his wife with him. They are both fyou go to hospital with the woman attached to an ICU ventilator. He touched the drama of an invisible disease with his hand and finally opened his eyes. «Be careful what you read, the fake news, now I realize that the coronavirus is absolutely not fake, it is out there and it is spreading», his words as his wife struggled between life and death.

This is the story of Brian Lee Hitchens, 46, a Florida resident, who he told through his Facebook profile, subsequently taken up by American newspapers and published today on Il Foglio in an article by Professor Enrico Bucci, a scientist and professor at Temple University of Philadelphia. Brian Lee Hitchens had become a denier of the virus, bewitched by the many fake news that continue to circulate on the web and among social networks. He had given these credit ignoring the risks of coronavirus confirming how dangerous disinformation is for themselves and for the people around us.

Since the day of repentance the man has only thought of thanking the nurses and doctors on the front line. Through his experience he has tried to target many people who, like him, give credit to the conspiracy world to open their eyes and realize how serious this pandemic is. His wife is improving but still struggling with the virus. Instead, he came out of it, a negative result to subsequent swabs. Unfortunately, however, it is now colliding with something else. The same conspiracy theorists, haters, have now put him in the sights, wished him and his wife death. And he denounced everything in a public post.

«I just have to get something off my chest this morning – he wrote – To all of you haters out there who sent me terrible messages saying that I deserve to die, I hope you are reading this clearly and clearly:” I am negative! Praise the Lord! “» . Last update: 20:07 © RESERVED REPRODUCTION

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