Covid, the epidemic runs in Latin America. Brazil shock: 27 thousand infections in 24 hours


Coronavirus, burial operations in Brazil (Ansa)
Rome, May 31, 2020 – Accelerate further the Covid 19 epidemic in Latin America: with a record increase of 52,000 infected in just 24 hours, a terrible week ends for the continent, with 975,406 confirmed cases and 50,110 deaths. The situation of the is increasingly alarming Brazil, which alone recorded over 60% of the day’s infections (26,928) bringing the overall total to almost half a million (498,440), with 28,834 deaths (+1,000) and becoming the fourth country in the world by number of deaths. More than 6 million cases of Coronavirus have been officially registered in all plants, two thirds of which in Europe and the United States, according to a count made by AFP on the basis of official data.

The countries with the most victims

Brazil, with the victims of the last few hours, has therefore surpassed France and follows United States (103,000 dead), UK (38,376) e Italy (33,340).

The esplanade of the mosques reopens

After two months of closure dictated by the pandemic, the Esplanade of the mosques, a Jerusalem, reopened to the public and returned to welcome the faithful, strictly with a mask and separate carpets for collective prayer. Hundreds of people showed up late at night, even before prayer time, to be able to enter again what is considered the third holy place for Muslims in the world.

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