Covid: new Italian cure for lung damage uses stem cells


    <h2>The secretoma of the mesenchymal stem cells could help regenerate the tissues of the respiratory system affected by the coronavirus</h2>


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    <p>The University of Pavia has developed a new treatment that could limit the <strong>lung damage caused by the new coronavirus</strong>. The study by Italian researchers, published in the journal Cells and reported by Ansa, showed the laboratory results of the "dust" obtained by the team of Maria Luisa Torre through the<strong>use of mesenchymal stem cells</strong>.

These are cells that naturally have a regenerative role in the tissues, repairing and replacing older and damaged cells through the secretome, a substance composed of proteins, fats, genetic material and extracellular vesicles. For scientists, it could have the therapeutic effects of stem cells themselves, but without the risks of classic therapies.

This specific cocktail showed in preclinical tests anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects. Another important effect would be that anti-fibrotic, that is, to limit the irreversible scarring of lung tissue.

“The secretome we are studying is produced by mesenchymal stem cells, which are found in various tissues, including the medulla, fat, umbilical cord and even placenta,” he explained Maria Luisa Torre, who is responsible for the Cell Delivery System Lab of the University of Pavia.

“Italy is at the forefront of the clinical use of these cells for Covid-19,” he underlined. Mesenchymal stem cells “can have one therapeutic effect and one regenerative function on the respiratory system affected by the coronavirus precisely through the mix of substances they produce ”.

While researchers from all over the world are studying new techniques to stem the damage that Sars-Cov-2 does to our body, it is particularly aimed at treating immunized patients with plasma. Yesterday a state flight took off to allow one pregnant patient in dramatic condition being treated with autoimmune plasma.

VIRGILIO NEWS | 27-05-2020 14:24

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